Bow Frames
May 19th, 2015 by admin

By:Kelly Norton

As Sam grows in his independence, we are looking for ways that we can enable him to take care of him self, gaining more control over his expanding world.  The practical life area of the curriculum addresses this need with the bow frames.   



This is very ‘tricky’ and precise work for Sam’s increasingly developing voluntary motor skills…with the very long process requiring a high attention to detail.

Sam is a pleasure to watch, with his growing concentration so visible as he really sinks into this problem..

As we discussed at drop off, this really is quite a skill to absorb, so we will continue to practice the bow frames, so that Sam can master this essential self-care skill.  

From our conversation at drop off, I understand you are supporting Sam at home to develop this skill.  You may like to check out the following link so that you can see how we teach this at Titoki.



He mahi nui ua a Sam, he whakaharatau koe .  Its hard work Sam, keep practicing. 

What learning do I think is happening here?

Voluntary motors, memory recall of process, developing attention to detail and ability to care for self.

Opportunities and possibilities?

We will continue to encourage the practicing of the bow frame and with his own cool new shoes.  Can also explore the lacing frame. 

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