Sam learns the parts of a helicopter and makes a booklet.
March 12th, 2015 by admin

By:Tracie Phua


Knowing that Sam had an interest in helicopters after seeing his work at the carpentry table, I asked Sam if he wanted to make a book on the “Parts of a helicopter”. He readily agreed and got the materials from the Cultural shelf.


We looked at the various parts of the helicopters through the classification cards. We learnt the names of each part – rotor, tail-rotor, fuselage, cockpit, tail and skids. Sam, you were able to match the picture cards and the labels of each of the parts. You carefully coloured each part in red and wrote the labels clearly.


You then went to get the hole punch and thread to make a booklet. When you finished your work, you packed the cards, labels, paper and booklet covers in neat stacks and placed them in the tray which you returned to the shelf. 

What learning do I think is happening here?

Sam is learning the names of the various parts of the helicopter. This widens his vocabulary and understanding about the parts of the helicopter. He also practises his handwriting and reading both phonetic words like “helicopter” and “cockpit” and puzzle words like “fuselage” and “rotor”. The long cycle of activity also helps him develop concentration and perseverance as he meticulously colours in and labels each part of the helicopter.

Opportunities and possibilities?

Sam’s interest in the helicopter spurred him to finish making a booklet. Should we find out more about various helicopters and how they work? Should we also look at the parts of the aeroplane and make another booklet ? That has even more parts ! 

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