Sam settles into Titoki and learns the decimal system!
November 14th, 2014 by admin

By:Tracie Phua

Sam, a warm welcome to you as you join us at Titoki! We love having you with us and watching your enthusiasm in learning how things work at Titoki! 🙂


You were interested in learning the decimal system, so  I showed you the golden beads on your first day with us. You learnt that 10 units made one ten bead bar, 10 ten bead bars made a hundred square and 10 hundred squares made a thousand cube. The next day, I showed you the decimal cards and you quickly learnt the numerals for 100 and 1000.


Today, you were ready to play the “bring me” game. You arranged the unit cards on the rightmost column, the ten cards, hundred cards and thousand cards in succeeding columns to the left, as shown in the photo. You were asked to collect various quantities from each category from the “bank” on the shelf from the cards I gave you. You carefully counted the required quantities at the bank and brought them to your mat. You verified that you had indeed brought the correct numbers of units, tens, hundreds and thousands each time you laid out the numerals and quantities on your mat. 

Finally, you saw that if we placed the thousand, hundred, ten and unit numeral cards in order and slid the cards to the right, the numerals showed how to write the whole number representing the quantities, eg “five thousand, six hundred and eighty nine” in the last photo shown.

What learning do I think is happening here?

Sam is learning the decimal system and whole numbers in a concrete manner. His enjoyment of number work allowed him to quickly learn the symbols and quantities involved. He is an active learner following his interest and determining how far and how often he wanted to practise his new learning. He was very focussed in his work and carefully returned everything back to their rightful place on the Mathematics shelf when he was done!

Opportunities and possibilities?

We will continue to practise the “bring me game” with Sam, this time with the teacher giving him the quantities and him picking out the correct numeral card. He can progress to playing it with a friend and seeing what happens when they add the quantities they bring together!

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