School holiday programme – January 2015
February 11th, 2015 by admin

By:Karin Zapatero

Kia ora everyone!


Happy new year 2015, and welcome to the children who attended the school holiday programme. Also, a especial welcome for our new entrants, Cooper Evans, Finn McGrath, Gloria Fan and Kian Anderson. Here are a few pictures of what your children were doing…


Some children really enjoyed the string painting activity…

Harrison was looking for bugs…




A volcano experiment at the sandpit, children loved to see the ‘eruption’ caused by mixing baking soda and vinegar.








Glenn was very happy at the sandpit too!




Amelie & Shilo were so excited to see each other again…in here they decided to “relax” πŸ™‚








Matisse loved having her younger sibling Cooper at Titoki. They had a wonderful time together.


                        Finn, you learned to put on the sandpit vest all by yourself!

Ethan did a lot of work at the sandpit!









Luke decided some cherry tomatoes were ready for harvesting πŸ™‚


















 Gloria, you loved designing your bookmark.



Some children really loved to create their own bookmarks/cards/door name signs πŸ™‚

The sandpit was a very popular place!


Sam & Heath having a great time with concrete chalk. At the back, the teacher’s primary age children really enjoyed their participation in the programme.






Kheiron, Gloria & Sienna loved the string painting activity.





Lovely display of affection by Luke & Kyle. I saw Luke just running to Kyle to gave him a big hug as he came down the ‘fire fighter’s pole’ πŸ™‚











Kian really liked the balance bike. He went around the concrete track so many times!



Torbien and Kyle were busy playing with their wood work.






Glenn, Sam & Heath, I overheard: “the bus is going, come and sit, hurry!!”…






Inez you and my daughter Sophie had a great time at the sandpit.





Apple picking was another favourite!








Gloria learning how to take care of her own dishes.











Arum waited patiently to have a go with the apple picking.

 “Yes I got one!” said Sienna.


These are only a few precious moments captured by the teachers. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did! We observed the children and were so glad to see their wonderful smiles and loving ways πŸ™‚


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